I am speaking at SQL PASS Nordic

I have been selected as a speaker for the SQL PASS Nordic. The event will take place on November 8 and 9 in Aronsborg in Sweden.

Here is a link to the SQL PASS Nordic event, and here is a link to the sessions.

Here is some information about my session:

Title: Database hidden disasters and planning against them
Speaker: Feodor Georgiev
Abstract: There are many techniques which deal with a disaster that has already happened, but how much better would it be to avoid disasters altogether? In my opinion, proactive disaster prevention is a back-breaking yet rewarding process. While understanding your databases and knowing what to expect 3-5 years down the road may seem like a low priority and taggering effort, the concepts and techniques presented in this session aim at making it easier and more accessible to both seasoned DBAs and a broad range of IT professionals. By the end of this session the audience, regardless of its expertise, will have grasped the concepts of proactive disaster prevention concerning databases.














I am Presenting at SQL PASS



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