A nice quote: typeperf.exe

I just came back from SQL PASS Nordic, where I met plenty of interesting people. One of them was Kevin Kline. He told me that recently I was mentioned on SQLServerPedia.com.

I did not know about this, but I found an article there which quotes me quite a lot. The article is called “Baselining SQL Server” and is written by Shaun J Stuart. Shaun is quoting an article I recently wrote on Simple-talk.com on the topic of performance data collection for SQL Server – the easier way.

It is a long story – a while back I found a very famous article by Brent Ozar on performance collection where he was using perfmon and excel. I though to myself – ‘Nah, excel is not that great in this case. I like writing fast queries instead.’ Then I wrote and article on using typeperf.exe (which is the PerfMon command line tool). In my article, I am showing how to use typeperf.exe and DSN, which writes data as it comes directly in SQL Server database.

I like this growth of ideas – I was inspired by Brent, Shaun was inspired by me and so on.

Here are a few notes though:

  • ┬áSecurity: use a proxy to run the SQL Agent job in SQL Server which uses an account which has limited rights only to collect performance data
  • The hard part is still ahead, since we have to figure out what to do with the data, how to sort it, how to relate it, and how to trend it
  • keep in mind that there are some problems with running collection sets. I.e. the first sample of the counters in a data set might not be accurate, because of the way the perfmon / typeperf works. You might get some 0 values, some inaccurate values, because some counters values are calculated as a delta between the previous and the current counter. So if you do not have a previous counter, i.e. in a collection set which has just started, you might get wrong data.
  • another question is how to correlate the collected data with a SQL Trace

Thanks to Shaun J Stuart for quoting me in his article – and thanks for improving it even further.





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