Keeping the SSRS from taking long time to warm up

When you first start your machine / server the first SSRS report you execute comes very slowly. Depending on the hardware, it may take from 30 sec to a minute. This is for SSRS 2005, and for 2008 the time is a bit less, but not by much.

This happens because the app pool of the SSRS is shutdown after certain inactivity or after a server restart.

And when the first report request comes in, it all has to boot up. The app pool needs to initialize all connections, the config files need to be read from disk, the encryption key has to decrypt the metadata in the Report Server data repository etc.

I am sure that somewhere there is another config file which defines the timeout time for the app pool recycling.

But here is a very trivial way to keep your SSRS moving and ready for reports:

just create a vb script and schedule it with Windows tasks scheduler to run once every hour.The VB script calls the SSRS and keeps it from recycling the app pool.

It seems a bit silly, but it actually works. :)


Dim strURL, strFile
Set webObj = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
strURL = "http://servername here/folder/report name"
webObj.Open "GET", strURL


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