Fiddling with SQL Azure

I got to test SQL Azure, and found out a few interesting things:

I can actually see the names of the actual physical machines in the Microsoft datacenter
there is some issue with connections timeouts and blocking management
I would still like to run a benchmarking test which will tell me how many concurrent connections I can get and what

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Handling Backups for Rapid Resilience

My article is out! “Handling Backups for Rapid Resilience“.

It talks about what backups are, how they can / should be handled, what they contain, and how to manage them in a smarter way.



SQL Server model database and custom filegroups

As I wrote in the “Designing databases for rapid resilience” article, it is a good idea to keep the user data away from the PRIMARY filegroup.

When installing a new system which relies on several databases, it comes to mind to automate somehow the creation of additional filegroups and setting one of them as a default.


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