Connecting to SQL Server Azure - latency, part 2

After setting the terminology, and after performing a simple test case on my local machine, this time I am going to test the latencies of SQL Azure.

I must say that I am as excited as the next guy about Azure, and cannot wait for the solution to become less primitive, so I can use it for offloading some of the non-critical data to it. (I did write a while back about the Azure issues and limitations)

But let’s see how it performs…

I have a very very simple query:

?Download download.txt
select 1 as 'test'

This query should take a very insignificant resources to be executed. Hence, in this case I will be testing just the roundtrip to SQL Azure and back.

The results look like this:


Connection Latency (ms) = 660

Query Processing Latency (ms) = 1

Data Receiving Latency (ms)  = 128

Total Latency (ms) = 788


Why do I get a delay of almost 1 second when I try executing the simplest query towards Azure?

Just to establish a connection to SQL Azure it takes more than half of a second.

Usually, in my daily work, I care about latencies of less than one second. We spend time and money to make the difference between a query executing 1 second and optimizing the same  query to run in less than 200 milliseconds.

In Azure, I just lost the battle just trying to connect.

And no, my internet connection is not slow.

I am overwhelmed now. And sad. And lucky that this is just an Azure test account.

Tomorrow we will test some concurrency for connections and some heavier queries.


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