SQL Server growing the data file faster than the speed of light

As I was using the following scipt to monitor the Data file autogrowths of a database today, I noticed something funny:


SELECT  TE.name AS [EventName] ,
        T.DatabaseName ,
        t.DatabaseID ,
        t.NTDomainName ,
        t.ApplicationName ,
        t.LoginName ,
        t.SPID ,
        t.Duration ,
        t.StartTime ,
FROM    sys.fn_trace_gettable(CONVERT(VARCHAR(150), ( SELECT TOP 1
                                                      FROM    sys.fn_trace_getinfo(NULL) f
                                                      WHERE   f.property = 2
                                                    )), DEFAULT) T
        JOIN sys.trace_events TE ON T.EventClass = TE.trace_event_id
WHERE   te.name = 'Data File Auto Grow'
        OR te.name = 'Data File Auto Shrink'
ORDER BY t.StartTime;
The time it took for the file to grow was a negative number!

Faster than the speed of light

So, the file has grown before it has started growing. I like this Star Trek reference!


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