And here is where we draw the line..

This blog was started some years ago with the intention of working with SQL Server and sharing some findings and knowledge.
It is time now to explore new fields, aim for new peaks and take on a different course.
Over the past few years, as I have worked intensively with SQL Server, I have realized that the technology is getting more and more trivial and its focus has not been exactly covering the ‘value-to-business’ ideals of my clients. Phew, I said it.

This blog is shifting scope from SQL Server to R and specifically to the following topics, explored by using the R development environment:

  • data science
  • data exploration
  • deep learning
  • data visualization
  • statistical learning

If you are subscribed to this blog and you are not interested in R, then please unsubscribe. If you are interested in R, feel free to follow the upcoming posts.


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