Pushing the boundaries, going forward

Ever since I remember myself, when I was 3 or so, I remember having this big fat constantly hanging question “And what if I try this?“.

The question itself is simple, but it is so alluring that it is impossible to resist.

And it does not come cheap: I have broken many toys (as a kid) and

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Handling Backups for Rapid Resilience

My article is out! “Handling Backups for Rapid Resilience“.

It talks about what backups are, how they can / should be handled, what they contain, and how to manage them in a smarter way.



Disk and mount points space and properties

Here is a piece of code which gives a good idea about the drives on your system, and also about the mountpoints.

gwmi -computername¬†Enter_Server_Name win32_volume|where-object {$_.filesystem -match “ntfs”}|ft name,Availability,BlockSize,Compressed,DirtyBitSet,IndexingEnabled,Label,LastErrorCode,PowerManagementCapabilities,Status,@{Name=’CapacityMB’;Expression={$_.Capacity/1MB} },@{Name=’FreeSpaceMB’;Expression={$_.FreeSpace/1MB} }

Availability – describes the availability and the status of the device. (For example, Offline)
BlockSize – Size in bytes of the blocks in this storage extent.
DirtyBitSet –

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