SSRS Performance Dashboard - released!

After a few modifications, the stable version of SSRS Performance dashboard reports is released and available for download.

The reports are a simple set of Custom reports which run towards the Report Server database and can be used to view performance, configuration and security information about your SQL Server Reporting Services installation.

The reports can be easily

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SSRS Performance Dashboard reports coming soon

I have created a set of SSRS Dashboard reports and soon I will publish them for download.

For now, you can get some more information about the project by going to the SSRS Performance Dashboard home page.

You can also view some screenshots by visiting the SSRS Performance Dashboard screenshots page.


SSRS and report caching, dynamic refresh for Data Warehouses

I have a Data Warehouse, in which the data is loaded once a day and during the rest of the time the data does not change.

There are several heavy reports in SSRS used to cater data to the users, and it really saves the day to cache them. The performance improvement is great, but there

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